Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Meditations Lessons from Mango

Hey there Mango... I took some good notes from your blog and have been practicing my meditation skills. Works well even with a stooopid neck thingie on! Now, if that woman and the flash would just go away....
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Saturday, May 24, 2008

First Trip to the Church

Okay, I thought that it was time to go to the church for the first time. We had a senior Luther leauge meeting -- and I had to go to the park to hand out clues. So, Bu went with me. He was a HIT with a lot of kids at the park. My poor dog just needed a good 12 hand back rub! Then we went back to the church. He wasn't thrilled with me for being so over-protective! He couldn't crawl up on the couches...he couldn't run through the whole fellowship hall...he couldn't go into the kitchen...he couldn't get the tacos off the table! I know I know... I'm "mean!" But, he again was well loved and a big hit!

Then, one of the girls asked if I wanted to go see Indiana Jones at midnight. I said sure. (Remind me that I cannot function on 4-5 hours of sleep for so many nights in a row! Wasn't a problem staying up and watching the movie...but UGH work the next day! ick!) Anyways, I walk back into the house at 2am. I open the garage door, close the garage door, come into the mud room, go through the kitchen, walk down the hall, go all the way to my bedroom... There I find Bu. As I walk INTO the bedroom, he lifts his head and notices me. He then proceeds to go straight back to sleep. Not a single "what's going on" woof. Not even a huge great dane standing up on the bed and being alarmed. Nope. I don't have a gaurd dog at all. When does he bark "warnings?" Well, on ocassion something outside sets him off...and he proceed to bark, and hides behind ME! Yeah, I'm the alpha, but give me a break!

Thanks for all your prayers. Keep praying. We'll find out what to keep looking for and how much longer the neck brace stays on this week. If nothing gets better or worse, I'd still call it a success...but it would be nice to know that it will get a bit better too.
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Thanks Everyone

Bu is doing pretty good after the implants. He is still knuckling over on his front feet some but he's doing better than before. He's definately feeling some better because he's been getting into so many things these days. Unfortunatly, he's discovered the can jump up onto the countertops again! So, he's back to getting into a lot of trouble!
I'm a little worried about how much to feed him and how much not to feed him. I've switched his diet to the new Science Diet: Nature's Best. It isn't the perscription food suggested -- however, it has the same amount of calcium (really low) and just a little bit more protien. (Which I'm tempering with green beans!) But, it has less corn/soy in it than the Science Diet WD. While he likes the new food, Bu is convinced however, that I'm starving him! I hope that it is low enough in both calcium and protien to help make a difference.
He's doing well with the new house, new neck brace, new life. Better than me at times I think! :)
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Monday, May 5, 2008

Neck Brace--Oh My!

I wish I could have put the x-rays up on his blog -- WOW -- you could see how rounded off Bu's vertebrae were. Yes, indeed, it was what causes Wobblers. There was NO doubt in Dr. Durkes' mind. (Nor in mine after the x-rays....which I am glad that it was pretty obvious that something was going wrong. The ambiguity was pretty far removed.)

We (Bu, Myself, My Mom) arrived in Marion at about 8:30 and met with Dr. Durkes -- and in an instant Bu was whisked away. *sniffle* Okay, probably for the best that I didn't have time to have an emotional good bye! We looked at the xrays and then talked about the procedure. Then, my mom and I had to waste time till about 1:30. There isn't that much shopping in Marion -- but we found some things!

Great News: Bu did very well...there was a lot of involvement on his right side, and lower neck -- but, the blood wasn't black there. (The darker the blood, the worse it is in that muscle.) He was shaved all the way down to his shoulders...but that's cause the skin moves so much. So, where we see the last needle holes, is not where the gold beads are!

Bu got up completely on his own. This is REALLY good. It sometimes takes getting the owners back there and trying to encourage the dogs to stand up -- who wants to be wearing a neck brace and trying to swing yourself up!? But, he was up and ready to go when we came to pick him up.

BUT -- what he REALLY REALLY wanted -- was to go OUTSIDE! My poor boy was being so noble and held his bladder. We got to the grass outside, and I swear he pee'd for about 5 minutes! Honestly! HE HAD TO GO!!!

We hopped into the car and drove the 2.5 hours home. I rode in the back of the car with him. I figured he'd be more uncomfortable than he was...but he did just great. We've been home for awhile. You can see his big huge neck brace that he'll have to wear for 3-6 weeks.
Dr. Durkes seemed very hopeful for a good recovery. We will know more progress in about 2 weeks....Then he'll be back to "normal" (hopefully) in about 2 months or so...BUT, it will take about a year for all of the internal structures to be healed. Because Bu's still growing, this should hopefully help so that his vertebrae will re-structure the way they should be (not as rounded off so that they don't wiggle) and hopefully his ligaments will shrink back to the length that they should be.
All this -- not a problem. I'm feeling more relieved that it seems very hopeful and that Bu isn't going to rapidly deteriorate into a place where it would be more humane to put him to sleep. I want my boy around for a LONG number of years!!!
Again, more information -- See Dr. Durkes' Webpage:

New Backyard Pictures

We really do love the new house (no steps -- except for me going to the basement to do laundry!) and a lovely fenced in area just for Bu! We'll have a lot more photos from here this summer! But, here are some pictures from last week!

Oh yeah, please note the tree bark -- Mr. Bugenhagen found a new past trees. Hence we had to put up the wire fence around the tree. Now of course, he leaves it completely alone.
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Moving Pictures

I know, I was supposed to post these weeks ago... Oh well. This is Bu in HIS bed at the hotel we stayed at on the way to our new house.... Wait for it...
Here is Bu after he noticed that I wasn't sleeping with him. He got up, moved to MY bed and proceeded to lay right on top of my legs and took over! I was tired. I moved to "his" bed and proceeded to fall asleep. We'd been in the car for too long and too close. He could sleep without me for one night!
And, here are pictures of Bu riding in the front seat of my insanely little car. If you feel the urge to make a large contribution to the "buy Bu a Honda Fit" please do give me a call. *grin*
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