Friday, August 31, 2007

Update #2 aka I was right.

So, there has been NO problems with Bu since I thought he swallowed my sock. And, I couldn't find said sock...and it never showed up in his poo yesterday...and so, I thought I must have been crazy.

I WASN'T!!! While snuggling on the bed this morning, Bugenhagen have a good *gack* and there in my hands was a very very gross blue sock. I'm not even going to ponder HOW this happened this way -- he ate and drank just fine yesterday -- he eliminated just fine yesterday; but there it was the mysterious blue sock. He snuggled some more...we slept a bit more...we got up...he ate breakfast, elminated just fine... and is contentedly munching on a carrot down in his crate.

I was right...he DID swallow that darn sock. But -- no harm; no foul. Whooohoo.

I'm off to work...busy busy month. Again, anyone want to own a house around here and let me be a renter?


Thursday, August 30, 2007


No blue throwing distress. I'm not sure where my sock went, but Bu's been just fine and normal and back to his old self so my guess is that he didn't swallow it. I'll clean the room and see if I can find the sock tomorrow. Oy Vey.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Ties, Socks, Home...

Where to begin?

1. I went on vacation and Bu went to the kennel for the first time. As we drove to the kennel, come to find out, I didn't let Bu out long enough and he started to go poo in my car. We stopped, it got cleaned, but it was rather a good metaphor for the month....more on that in a minute.

2. Kennel went just fine. Vacation was good. I found a lovely tie -- made me laugh so hard that I had to buy it. Every dog needs a tie to go to church. See picture below.

3. Day before vacation, I found that I have to move. Know of a house around here for rent? This is not making things easy.

4. While on vacation, I bought some really fuzzy blue socks.

5. Today, Bu is teething and is rather miserable. He has diarrea and has made a mess. *sigh* This has not been a pleasant day. Again, a good metaphor for my month. Poopy.

6. Tonight while I was getting things settled for bed, Bu decided to steal my new blue fuzzy socks (that were on the top of the desk...not the floor) Now, I instantly grabbed him and took them away. But, it didn't last and he grabbed them again. I pulled one out of his mouth. I can't find the other one. So, I'm waiting and watching for any signs of distress.

7. I swear, either I need to find the other socks in the office or in his poo. I'm not looking forward to a distressed dog who needs surgery if this is where this is heading.

8. Can I say one more time, that Pooopy is a good metaphor for my month?

Pray for me ... pray for Bu...

Sunday, August 19, 2007

gettting taller

Here are two pictures....One from exactly a month ago and one from today. My isn't he just getting so much taller? What a baby. Now, if he will just let me get a nap in so that we can play later, I'll be one happy woman.
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Friday, August 17, 2007


Hi there ya'll... I'm sorry that I haven't posted anything in WEEKS!! Work has been busy and a 5 month old puppy likes to be busy too! Speaking up pups. Bugenhagen has had lots of new expereinces. We have continued with puppy kindergarten -- and will "graduate" next Tuesday. I think that we will do Agility Boot Camp next before more obedience -- He has the basic obedience down and I'll keep working on that, but I think we need more "fun stuff" (As I find that obedience classes bore and depress ME!) Bu has also gotten to go to Doggie Day Care now quite a few times! HE LOVES IT!!! And so do I! When I go to Grand Forks for meetings or visits, I'm able to take Bu and drop him off for 1/2 a day. This way, he gets to play and romp and I don't have to rush back to Warren. We both are very happy. Money well spent. I can even watch him from my computer when he's there. I will post some pictures tonight.

Ohh, and for the record, Bu is now 5 months old and weighs in at 80lbs. His longest toes are the length of my pinkie finger, and his paws take up the whole palm of my hand! He's going to be a big boy like his dad!