Saturday, August 1, 2009

August 1st Update

We just got back from another meetup with the Great Dane group! Bu's contentedly sleeping on the floor. I think this now puts me back in his good graces.

I went to New Orleans last week for the ELCA Youth Gathering so Bu got to spend the week at his "grandma and grandpa's" house. This meant: having his buddy Jack to follow around and annoy, my dad home with them all day, a huge bed to hog, and a very very large fenced in yard to scout around! Needless to say when he got home to our house, he wasn't thrilled. No buddy, I'm at work, our yard just isn't as exciting, and he refuses to sleep with me now because I toss and turn too much!

Our other excitement is that there are 2 or 3 kittens growing up under my back porch. Bu doesn't quite know what it is that's under there and is not quite sure what to think about them. I have a feeling one good whack on the nose from the momma cat would freak him out for the rest of his life! I could see him adopting a kitten as a best friend but I refuse to let that happen. And to those of you who laugh and are thinking "yeah right" and that I'll end up with some cats in my house soon... I hate to disappoint you all. It's not happening.

That's the first of the fall updates. Peace, jen.