Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sad Day

I just wanted to announce to Bu's friends that he crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Saturday, August 13th.  His mobility was getting worse and we were having issues with incontinence... I didn't mind and cleaned up after him even though he was making my house smell!  However, I came home on Friday to find that he'd urinated on the floor and had laid there long enough for it to dry into his fur and be all matted.  That had been the sign I kept saying would be when I'd know.  It was very hard to do...Bu had lots of spunk and life left in him, but I couldn't have him being miserable and not able to get up when he needed. We are now a 1 dog household.  Nella just turned a year old and doesn't quite know that Bu is gone for good.  I'll post pictures from this past year of Nella and Bu later, but I wanted you all to know.  Prayers for his transition and for me welcomed.  Much love, Jen.