Saturday, April 18, 2009

Dog Day Meetup!

Bu and I went on our first Toledo Dog Walking Meet-up... We met some new friends and had a good walk...I should have thought a bit more about how much we were going to walk cause poor Bu started to get really really tired. He's now curled up on the couch as I'm typing fast asleep. Hopefully he won't be too sore tomorrow.

Bu really liked the little lab puppy, "Lucy" -- she was about 7 months old. He really wanted to play, but was also so tired and feet all floppy!

Bu and the Lucy-dog laying around after a long walk. So, this is the update...we both are tired and I'm thinking that a nap on the couch is about right. Still not sure if I have allergies or a new cold but I think I'm pretty beat today too.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

10 Honest things ...

Just for our buddy are 10 honest things about the Bu-dawg and the promise to post a bit more instead of playing on facebook (and working)...

1. Bu has his pacifier-pillows that he holds in his mouth at night.
2. Bu could rival "Walter the Farting Dog" of book fame.
3. Bugenhagen is not getting much go to work with the owner time since refusing to walk down the steps for 30 minutes in spite of bribes, lovies, children, and an offer for the elevator (which he refused to climb into)
4. Bu doesn't seem to like carrots anymore -- instead he just makes a mess out of them on my carpet.
5. Bu has been known to swallow socks...whole...
6. Bu does actually fit in my '98 Chevy Cavalier 2 Door car....but with the front seat down and a lot of folding. (Origami dog!) (Someday a car that a great dane fits in...someday)
7. We miss Mondays in Grand Forks -- Bu at doggie day care, Me at the Mall.
8. The deck belongs to Bugenhagen-the-Great who rules over the yard with an ever watchful eye...when he's not sleeping in the sun.
9. For Bu's birthday we ordered 100 bully sticks. Yes, the dog still loves least for awhile.

and finally...this goes to the picture up top...

10. The best way to talk on skype with my Bubers is just like that... course, I can't move...I can't turn off the computer...I can't fall asleep...I can't do anything....but he sleeps well.

One Year Here...

Hey there -- can you believe it? We've now been here for a year! Bu has fallen in love with many confirmation students and he has declared the deck as all his own territory. We've been dealing with the wobblies for about a year as well...but things are going pretty well on that front. Come to find out, Bu still likes socks a bit too much (yes, he swallowed one again...and gacked it back up....Hrumph. This dog is just one swallow away from surgery someday.....*sigh*) Well, we do miss our little home on the prairie, but are loving the life here in Ohio. Many greetings to our blogging friends...we'll try to do better! Grace2you!