Thursday, June 21, 2007

A Day of Fame!

Bu was picked to be the daily puppy!!! Hi to all our new friends who have come here via there! As I type this, Bu is stretched out in bed next to me, sound asleep! Thanks for visiting us!! Ohh, and BTW, Bu's owner/mom (that'd be me) is single, age 31, and looking for a "dad" for Bu! LOL Ahh, what can I say... might as well try! Grace and Peace!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Behind Bars!

Here we have it...the newest piece of furniture for my house...Bu's Cage! He's not terribly sure of it, but at the same time, it's growing on him. He likes his bed, he likes his toys, he likes when I climb in there with him (picture of that as soon as I can!) So, we are an official Great Dane Home now!
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Hands, Paws, and Hearts

Yep, that would be my hand holding Bu's front paw. Wasn't the best angle, but for those of you far away, it gives you a bit of perspective huh? HUGE HUGE feet!
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Getting Bigger!

When we last went to the vet on Saturday, Bu has reached 36 lbs. I can't weigh him at home anymore because while I still can pick him up, I can't look down at the scale at the same time! Today, he got to play with an 8 month old Golden Retriever who was just slightly bigger than he was! This was the first dog that we've gotten to really "PLAY" with. But, on Sunday, Zena, a really big lab/rottie mix came and chased her ball while Bu tried to get her attention. Zena's pretty focused solely on the ball and could run MUCH faster than Bu. My camara now has batteries again, so we'll take more pictures!
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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Famous Dog!

Bu is going to be "famous" this week!!!! His pictures were picked for the Daily Puppy site and he will be the dog of the day on June 22nd! Sometimes this little nippy mouthy dog makes a woman proud. :)

Friday, June 15, 2007

Dead Batteries!

So, if you leave your camara on with brand new batteries... they die! I thought that it turned itself off. I was wrong. This means no new pictures just yet. But, let me tell you of some of our adventures this week.

Bu refuses to get onto MY schedule -- he wakes me up usually around 5:30 or so. Yes, he wants to go "out" but if we could simply go back to sleep for another 2-3 hours, that wouldn't be a problem. NO, my dear dog is a chow hound and he wants to EAT!!! I've tried and tried to get him to wait till at least 7am but no such luck. Tomorrow, I start a new approach... wake up, go potty, and feed him first thing. He's much more willing to take a nap and let me sleep as soon as he's been fed. So, I guess we will be doing breakfast as soon as he wakes up and "get's busy and hurries up!"

Puppy Kindergarten starts on July 10th... I'm looking forward to that. Bu just really wants to play with other dogs -- but we don't know any dogs that will play with him (too old, too small, too afraid, too far away!) It will be good socialzation for the both of us! We also are going to be meeting up wih a trainer this Tuesday to get some advice on dealing with Bu's "jaws of doom!" And before you all comment, YES, I've tried: grabbing his muzzle, crying "OUCH!" (I sometimes do that without trying!), loosing my temper and YELLING loudly (not a good method at all, just happened!), sticking my hand down his mouth, turning his cheeks under so he's bitting himself, coating my arms with vinegar, and yes, I do always try and re-direct to something that is good to bite, but my arms have some kind of magical appeal.

This being said, Bu got to go to the Boy Scout auction tonight and he was WONDERFUL!!! People of all ages pet and loved on him. He was great with children (though, he really wanted to play and I wouldn't let him run and chase!) and didn't try and mouth ANYONE. He was a hit and everyone loves his coloring. My boy is a people dog...he wants and needs to be with people often. He just settled down at my feet and enjoyed being loved. GOOD DOG!

These are the adventures of Jen and Bu these days... we both have been very tired when we are home. Love and prayers to you all!

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Day 76!

Bu grows by leaps and bounds. "Just like listening to the corn grow in the summer!" someone said to me recently! Yes, I wake up to a new dog every day. He's getting bigger and smarter (sort of!) every day! This is him on day 76! It's sometimes hard for me to remember that he's just a very young puppy -- he looks more and more like a dog everyday and he's getting to be almost the size of Tipper. He's doubled in weight since I first got him. He's now 32lbs! And when he doesn't want to come inside, he will throw all 32lbs onto the ground and make me pick him up if I'm too serious about going in! He wakes me up in the mornings by coming and snuggling my face...(and sometimes biting the hair!) I have to admit, it is the best way to wake up. He's not too talkative and doesn't bark all that much -- just when he's overly tired or really ticked off at me! He really likes his beds. It's kind of funny how he just KNOWS those are his. One is in my home office and this one in the picture is in the living room. He's been kicked off the couch these days since he seems to think that when he's up there, it means it is bite and chew on ME time.
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Crunchie Plastic Bottles

Tipper loved these too! Plastic bottles make for the BEST toys. Take off the label, and the small plastic thing around the top of the opening, make crunchie noises and PLAY! Once they are getting a bit ragged, throw away and hand over a new one! Bu is doing pretty good these days. We are still having issues with mouthing. But, on the potty training front, he's doing great and will even ring the doorbell. (Course, he's figured out that if he rings the bell, he gets to go he doesn't always ring it when he has to go to the bathroom...just when he's not happy with me and wants to be out!) Bu has three speeds...lovable, sleeping, and tasmanian devil dog. The first two are very promising. I expect that after puppyhood they will be the main speeds. Tasmanian devil dog is another world though! Ish!

Bu has made some friends and fans at the Petsmart in Fargo! The irony is that we won't be going there all that often. I wish the Petco people would be as happy to see him in GF (we go there a lot more often) ... I'm anxious to start puppy kindergarten -- wish that it would have started about 3 weeks ago instead this late. Bu really needs to be around more dogs to play. Once he's fully vacinated we'll get to go to the doggy day care center for some needed play time too. I'm hopeful that he will do well there so that when I go to GF for a day he could play there once and awhile.
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Monday, June 4, 2007

I need to MOW!!

Bu has found the dried out corn from last year's garden and likes to chew on it! His favorite place to be is either OUTSIDE or under foot! Bad boy Bu still likes to mouth EVERYTHING ... something we still are working on stoping. Ideas, suggestions, willing to take him for a few hours? Let me know! With as much as he likes to gnaw on stuff, he still hasn't figured out that HE can actually make the toy kong drop the "treats" inside. He likes to eat them, but he doesn't quite grasp that if he were to pick it up and drop it, there would be "rewards." Ahhh well.
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Can't you see I'm sleeping?

This is the Bu-ber all sacked out and not so thrilled that I want to take pictures. "Auntie Patti" came to visit and she helped me finish sewing the dog bed (NEVER would have gotten a Zipper in it!!!) He used to fit on a standard bed pillow. Not so much any more!
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Pondering Self

Bu found the mirror this week! The pictures are not nearly as fun as watching him look and wonder and ponder what it was that was looking back at him. Not to mention, my camara is too slow at taking pictures so half of the good looks were gone by the time the shutter snapped! Still, he's cute.
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