Saturday, April 28, 2007

Close up at 34 days!

Let me introduce you to Bugenhagen's current family. You can find their webpage at Chanoz Great Danes. His sire is HP and his dam is Angel. To all the dogs at Chanoz...please teach this little guy some good doggy manners. I'll work on the people skills as well as good dog socialization but after living with Tipper, I know the importance of those first weeks learning to be a DOG!

He's growing up!

He's growing bigger. His little legs will keep growing longer. What a cute little toddler. OHHHhhhh so much to do before he get's here!

His grandparents are waiting to meet him, his godmother is kvelling, his airmom is proud to have him as a mascot at work, his churches are praying for him (or at least they are praying for MY sanity...poor congregations putting up with me!), and his "mom" just can't wait to kiss that very cute nose.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

His Name is WHAT?

I'm a Lutheran Pastor...and a rather geeky one at that. Bu's name comes from Johannes Bugenhagen. He was Martin Luther's spiritual advisor, pastor at the church in Wittenberg, and he took care of Luther's wife and children after Luther's death. That being said, I just think it's a neat name. A great dane can carry it off... it's a big name for a big boy. Now, before I forget, I think I'm going to send a quick email to one of my seminary professors who, I think, was translating Bugenhagen's sermons. By the way, *MY* Bu is much cuter than the first one.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

and still waiting...

Do you all know how hard it is for me to wait to have a new puppy bounding around my house? Actually, I'm sure you do because most of you who actually check in on here are sick of me showing you pictures! Bu was born March 25 ... so this is his one month birthday! (actually, he's 32 days old...who's counting?) So, just a few more weeks. Gives me a bit of time to decide if I need to buy a new crate before he gets here or in a few months. Might be a moot point though, I had to buy a new cell phone today since the other one broke and we weren't up for a new "free" cell phone. UGH. Good news, I have 1 place in GF to buy his puppy food... and I've found a place online that has free shipping in MN. So, it may just be cheaper to ship it here. So, Bu dear, I've re-arranged the living room and as the days get closer, I'll finish puppy proofing the house.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

And he's on his feet my friends!

Squatty little legs and cute little feet! He just looks funny. Hmmm since I'm not falling asleep...perhaps I should count Bu's freckles. Day 25...I hope he's as sweet as he looks. And, do you know how fun it is to turn to all those people who make you look at their grandkid pictures and show them dog pictures that I carry around in my purse? (okay, so I do enjoy grandkid any of my church members reading this don't hesitate, I do like all kinds of photos!!) But, it is fun and funny to say to someone OHHHHH you haven't seen a picture of the boy I'm adopting? Ahh life in a small town!

3 weeks...

He's a big boy now... eyes open and growing.

Lori his breeder mom sent me pictures tonight. She's so sweet. Yes, I admit that since I hadn't gotten new pictures for awhile I was all worried...give me a break okay? I can't help it that he's the center of excitement for my life right now. He's going to be a HUGE baby when he comes home to MN...and only going to get bigger!! And to all the Dane people in the world... I don't even have him yet and I'm sick of the saddle jokes.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

A Pile of Pups!!!

And, this is perhaps my favorite way of seeing a puppy... in a blessed pile. Look at all those little things. Just think, they will all grow up to be big boys! (and ONE girl) Lori is their breeder Mom and she's been so so sweet to keep me updated with pictures. It has helped so that I could fall in love very fast! Look at my big boy laying on top of everyone! Hehehe!

I really miss my Tipper and am going to be "borrowing" a dog today for the week. I love getting to dog-sit! So, tonight, I'll snuggle up with Sammie and wait for Baby Bu to come home.

Little Gray Kisses

Ohhhh you all....
at the cute nose.
He's got little gray kisses all over! I'm in love.