Sunday, October 11, 2009

Yeah... Life is so rough for a dog!

Yep, it's a terribly rough life for dog named Bu... In a fit of self-pity or boredom or rage, Bu's beloved "pacifier stuffed animal" was de-stuffed. Now, other things he had de-stuffed, but his "pacifier pillow" was one thing that I thought we'd keep for quite some time. But alas, there formed a hole...and because O.M. Gus is with us, Bu decided to show off his de-stuffing skills. This is the small mess that the de-stuffing left for me to pick up. Really, I wouldn't care so much if he just seemed even a bit contrite for me having to pick things up for him.

And then there is O.M. Gus -- I'd have to say that this picture proves he's having a terribly hard time adjusting to life in my house. Bu and Gus aren't having so much of a problem now with "sharing" my bed with each other. No, they don't so much mind being in a "puppy pile" on my bed. Now the problem is that I have no room for me. Time to start yelling "EVERYBODY OFF" so that I can at least get first dibs of stretching out. I don't think I'll be cold this winter.

Much love to all those squishy-face big dogs out there....some of us are just complete suckers for ya!