Monday, September 27, 2010

6 Weeks....and a few more days...

Nella comes to live with us the end of this week.  Here are pictures of week 6

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Bu's little sister's name is: 

Chanoz VaNella Bean Herrmann

My little Nella-bean.... Nella with vanilla specks all over her face.  She's a cute and will soon be coming home. 

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Old Soul???

My Girl at 5 weeks.
This is Bu's baby sister at 5 weeks.  A friend keeps telling me she's got an old soul!  We're still working on a name and we aren't much closer to having one yet!

I've re-read all of my puppy raising, dog training, how to live in a pack books!  Just a few more weeks.

We also are getting new flooring -- thank God -- something easier to clean.  Bu's not going to be too happy with less carpet but I sure will.

I need to get to work soon, but just wanted to post the newest pictures.  How did you name your dog?

Love, jen.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Unnamed Little Girl

If I'm not careful she's going to have 100 names and none of them what we'll call her! (Right now Molly, Lily, Opal, Baily, and Cassy are on the short list...for today that is) Anyway, here are her 4 week old pictures.

If you want to compare little miss here to what Bu looked like at 4 weeks, you can follow this link: Bu Photos

Friday, September 3, 2010


Barley, Belle, Bella, Fay, Yara, Nebula (Nebby), Tilliach (Tilly), Blossom, Daisey, Opal, Pearl, Mabel, Tecla, Stella, Cassiopeia (Cassy), Dona, Thisbe, Lyra, Myya, Ivy, Barlow, Niobe, Gabi, Pixie, Kai, Nyx, Ilona, Kells, Snow, Marshmellow, Moon, Luna, Walpurga (okay not really...but that's Johann Bugenhagen's wife's name!)

So, what's white and grey and has no name yet because nothing seems to fit....

Bu's baby sister!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Bu becomes a big brother.

Well.... there is a new love in my life. I haven't met her yet. I've only seen 3 pictures. But, my dear Bu doesn't know that his life is going to change once again. We are getting a little girl Great Dane puppy!

She really does have a very sweet face. Look at those gorgeous, soulful eyes and soft grey ears!

Unlike Bu -- Who pretty much had his name by the time he was conceived...this little girl is coming as both a surprise and nameless. I've been studying her pictures and just can't seem to find the "right" name for her. I have a list about a mile long of "possibilities" but they just don't seem exactly right. (Requirements: must be easy to shorten or short enough already, must not be a name of a child I know -- too many friends with children to name!, must pass the swearing "#$@* IT BU , GET OUT OF THE TRASH" long convoluted names don't work, and preferably have some great story or link behind it)

Well, we will pick her up at the end of the month when she is about 7 -8 weeks old. We'll see how the transition back to a 2 dog house goes. I'm not so worried about Bu... But, I was kinda liking not having to be home every 3 hours or so!!