Friday, September 14, 2007

Juile and the Lime

My bad dog decided to take a lime off of the counter top while my friend Julie was visiting. He found it to be a very fun toy and we keep wanting him to take a big bite and see if he'd make a face. Nope. He was gentle and only broke the lime a little... no big bites of lime juice. Darn. We were amused though and he had fun playing with it. This is Julie and Bu on the couch with the lime!
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Big Red Ball

Bu enjoys his jolly ball -- and can now put his mouth all the way around it...squishes air in and out of it! I love that it doesn't deflate and he pretty much hasn't been destroying it! He's getting to be a big boy huh? :)
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Bu, the Big Bed Hog

He's a goofball...and he so hogs the bed. AND...even if I snuggle him, pet him, he doesn't move. Eventually he'll move to the other end of the bed, but he likes to take over the top and leave me with only the one corner! What is crazy is that I just can't convince him to lay lengthwise... we'd both be happier....but no way, he has to take over 3/4 of the top half of the bed. Well, good night all!
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