Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring 009!

This is Bu supervising the installation of the new Doggie Dooley..... we both hope it works well.

Home of the groundhog!!! Bu wearing his bandana that my parents gave him for Christmas.... Today he's two!


Surveying his world.... really he loves to stand like this and be petted... it's kinda crazy, but we both are glad that it is nice enough to sit outside for a few minutes like this everyday!
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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Long time.... My Appologies

Dearest friends of Bu, Sorry I haven't updated the blog in MONTHS!!! We've been busy and are just starting to get back into a normal swing of things. Here's the update: Bu continues to deal with being wobbly from wobblers. We've been back in a neck brace at times, had a few more beads placed, and on predinsone. But, he's doing well on a maintance dose of the predinsone -- he just will never be a really stable dog! (Ehhhh Look at his owner, it's okay!) More than anything though is that he misses getting to go to doggie daycare and playing with other dogs.

TODAY BUGENHAGEN the GREAT (dane) is 2 years old! But, it is a wednesday in lent, and I'm super busy today with work, so we won't be celebrating. However, I did order him a new box of 100 bully be delivered sometime this week. So, we'll celebrate then!

Peace everyone! Pictures soon.

Love Jen and Bu