Tuesday, October 30, 2007

And, by the way...

Okay, so show of hands here... Anyone else ever end up having to sleep in a twin size bed with a great dane????? While visiting my parents, I was blessed with that experience! The big LUG!!!

edit: Yep, someone else does understand...here's proof:


Stopped in at the Vet today just to see how much Bu weighs... Lisa the Vet tech is one of Bu's favorites -- as he does the whole submissive pee thing for her!!! (not all the others...just her!) I think my boy has a crush. Well, he weighed in around 117lbs. Then today at the doggy day care, there was a new great dane who was 11 months old. He was about 2 inches longer and perhaps 1 inch taller...but I guess he only weighs 113lbs. So, either my boy is going to be HUGE (probably) or I need to cut back on the dog chow (which he'd be mad at me if I did!) I can still feel all his ribs and can almost still see the last ones. I don't think he's too heavy, but we'll watch it! He's sleeping right next to me as I type this. He is very much of a bed hog, but we've got our routine down! What a love! Grace2you!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

7 months and growing!

Bu and Jack met for the first time. He's become a very big dog these days! Sorry we haven't updated in weeeeeeeeks! So sorry. More soon. But here are a few cute pictures from our trip to Indiana

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