Friday, October 29, 2010

Playing on the couch

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Ah the deck...

She soooooooooo has Bu wrapped around her "little" paws. YUP.

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pictures from Today

 Bouncy girl wanders through Bu's legs and barks....he barks back.  We are a noisy family!
 While wandering around the yard isn't Bu's favorite pastime, but Nella LOVES following him around.
 And can YOU resist that face?  Yeah, I'm a sucker.
And get this, she can actually pick that ball up and carry it around!!  Bu hasn't been playing with toys (even when I've tried to get him to play) for a year or so now.  But, because of Nella, there is much renewed interest! 

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Adventures with Nella

 I LOVE this picture.  Just happened to capture it.  (As in, it doesn't take long for this side by side happening to change!) We are starting a brand new adventure.
Okay, Bu really, REALLY isn't sure of this "thing" that has moved into our lives.  However, Nella, she's completely convinced that he'll learn to love her.  And is very much unconcerned with his weariness.  She wanted someplace warm to snuggle and he was there. 

Gottcha Day!

 This is my friend Kasey who helped drive to pick up little miss Nella!  We met Lori at the Perkin's and spent a lovely time chatting and playing.
 Baby Nella with her squeaky pacifier! "Auntie" Kim gave it to her!
 Nella's mom made the trip to meet us.  This is the two of them with Kim in the back ground.  Kasey and Kim were such a big help driving to go pick up my new girl! 
 Sacked out in the back of the car with me.  She rode very well, didn't get car sick, and was a sweetheart!
We left at about 6am from my house and got back around 9:30pm!  Here is Bu meeting his baby sister that first night.  Neither one knew what to expect or how to react!  We settled quickly into bed and went to sleep.  Nella had a pretty good night the first night.  She found her bed very quickly and was sound asleep.  Bu is still adjusting and as long as she doesn't try to get on "our" bed, he's not toooo upset with her.  Ahhh one long day.  It was good.