Sunday, October 3, 2010

Adventures with Nella

 I LOVE this picture.  Just happened to capture it.  (As in, it doesn't take long for this side by side happening to change!) We are starting a brand new adventure.
Okay, Bu really, REALLY isn't sure of this "thing" that has moved into our lives.  However, Nella, she's completely convinced that he'll learn to love her.  And is very much unconcerned with his weariness.  She wanted someplace warm to snuggle and he was there. 


ckubtrainer said...

Congrats on your new baby!! Bu will get used to her soon enough. She is a fast moving little pill right now and he is not sure of her. It took mine a while to get used to Merlin. Now they are all best friends. Cheryl

Mango said...

Welcome home little one. Bu might have to be stern with you sometimes because puppies need to learn boundaries. Momma says it can be scary (like when I had to lay down the law with PeeWee) but no blood, no foul. Plus since you are a sweet little dane gal and not a freaky cracker labradude, things might go smoother.

Keep those photos coming!


Chris said...

I have three little sisters and I can positively tell you that I have given each of them that look (and every once in a while still do).

Trish said...

Oh she's cute! I'm sure Bu will come around and they will be best of friends for a long time to come.