Monday, January 28, 2008

3 weeks gone...10 months now!

Hi everyone. Bu was at the kennel for 3 weeks while his owner (me) was at a class out in CA. Good grief it was hard to miss him for this long! I picked him up today! He's looking just a bit thinner...a lot longer...and very tired! He had a great time and became the most loved dog there! (Not hard for him to do!) Stephanie is his new BEST FRIEND and even shared some baby carrots with him one day! He was well cared for, but I missed him. I will post a picture of him at the kennel later...and add some new "10 month old" pictures soon! Thanks for checking in everyone! Grace2you, jen.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Dog Food

Nothing inspires more opinions than the question of what to feed your dog. I too am looking for answers. Innova? Canidea? Nurto? Eaglepack? Solid Gold? Something else? I'll take anyone's comments. But, I am looking for kibble. I'm not going to do a full raw diet. Top dressing or treat suggestions that are raw or something else maybe. Thoughts?