Thursday, August 21, 2008

The ever photogenic dog....

"Hmmmm what's this?"

"Okay, give me the carrot already!"

Something caught his attention suddenly....can you tell?
We aren't as exciting of bloggers as many of our friends. Things are going smoothly -- just very busy. Bu so misses his monday play dates at the doggie day care. When he gets the go ahead, I found that there is a play place just 11 miles from hopefully we can play with other dogs again soon.
Let me tell you all, 140lb dog who is bored and wants to play with YOU is a sight to see... or should I say a blur to see and a force to be reckoned with!!! When he has the out. Lucky for both of us, we are pretty low key. He won't share the couch with me anymore though... If I'm on it, he doesn't snuggle as much. However, we need to re-negotiate the terms of sleeping in bed.
Grace2you, jen.

Overdue updates...

Hi everyone, thanks so much for your thoughts and prayers. Bu is doing pretty good but we do have some updates about Wobblers. After the gold bead implants, he really started to walk and move better. I can see the most change simply in the fact that he can jump up onto the bed again. In fact, he jumps ALOT more (and gets in trouble for it too!) Yes, he has much more strength in his back legs now.

But, if this picture shows you much...his left front paw still knuckles over. He didn't have so much of a problem with it -- but it isn't good. I talked to Dr. Durkes who put him on Prednisone for a few weeks. (This made Bu HUNGRY, THIRSTY, and "accident" prone...UGH) It really didn't make much of a difference. So when I talked to Dr. Durkes again he suggested we come back for more gold beads.

So, we went back....and he had a few more beads placed in...It seemed like a crazy thing, but his foot was already less turned under and Bu was improving the first 4 or so days!!! GREAT! For some reason though, it now seems that he's going back to the same thing already. I don't know what that means. Need to call Dr. Durkes soon.

I'll post some fun pictures soon...I promise. Again, thanks for your concern and prayers -- I've just been slow about posting things cause of getting things all settled from moving and starting a new job and...OY VEY! Grace2you, Jen.