Saturday, July 11, 2009

More Meetups!

"Anyone need their face cleaned? *LICK*"
Well, after our adventure with the dog walking meetup (which was good, but just not quite so workable) someone (Yeah Nichole!) started a Great Dane Meetup! We've been to both of the gatherings and had a lot of fun meeting new people and new dogs! (I seem to think that Bu likes the people most and I'm the one wanting to bond with the other dogs. Maybe we have that backwards?!) Sorry we haven't posted in ages.

"Whatcha doing in there?
Why are you in the water? Really??"

Bu spent a week at my parents house in June when I went to camp and he gets to spend another week this July when I'm off to the National Youth Gathering. They like their grand-puppy but have to remember that their grand-puppy can reach the countertops!