Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thoughts on 3 years...

If you don't know...Bu has turned out to be quite a talker...sometimes too much of a barker too. So he had plenty to say about this whole "birthday" thing. I think it had to do with don't try and take pictures when food is involved and make the old guy go away!
A full tummy, he finally posed for a few good pictures.
Bugenhagen the great has turned 3 years old. He's a real and true grown up now. Somehow though, he hasn't gotten a job nor is willing to help pay for the kibble. And we haven't come to a consensus about the status of dog poo.
This is his "tell OMGus to that it's MY momma" bark... Honestly, he whines. A LOT. No really people, Bu has a bunch to say and most of it is directed at OMGus. Please note the state of poor Winnie-the-Pooh. It became a paci-pillow and is now a dangerous and gross stuffie. Ahh but the boy is happy.

Both my boys are doing well. We just are crazy busy and with Holy Week just around the corner, the boys are also getting quite ignored. Anyone want to come play for a day soon?
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Happy 3rd Birthday big boy!

Okay, this is actually the second #3 .... You'll see what happened to the first one. Good thing I turned 33 a year ago and had two candles!
Yep, that's what happened to the first candle. Bu was having NONE of this stupid picture taking when there was food involved -- especially if it included a can of really gross dog food. That's why the first picture doesn't have a good cake like apperance...I had to steal it away before it was woofed down to get a picture. :)
Nom Nom Chomp Chomp & a SLURP! for good measure!
And that was Bu's Birthday meal....
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Okay, I'm a horrible blogger -- this we've known. BUT, it just dawned on me this morning that it is Bugenhagen's THIRD birthday! My big boy is officially 3 years old today. Some how we will celebrate, but I'm not sure how. But, I will post pictures of the party tonight.