Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Old Soul???

My Girl at 5 weeks.
This is Bu's baby sister at 5 weeks.  A friend keeps telling me she's got an old soul!  We're still working on a name and we aren't much closer to having one yet!

I've re-read all of my puppy raising, dog training, how to live in a pack books!  Just a few more weeks.

We also are getting new flooring -- thank God -- something easier to clean.  Bu's not going to be too happy with less carpet but I sure will.

I need to get to work soon, but just wanted to post the newest pictures.  How did you name your dog?

Love, jen.


Kennedy said...

Cute pup - she's a piebald, right?

Good question about names. It's never easy, or so it seems. Vegas' full name is KKZ's Apache Vegas Rose. Apache came from her dad's name (HDDS Shadow's Apache Tear) and Rose came from her mom's name (High Desert Shaded Rose). KKZ stands for my sons' and my initials; Vegas is all her own but we knew she'd be a showstopper so it kind of just came together.

Good luck naming her; I look forward to hearing what it is and seeing more pictures of your new baby.

Trish said...

My husband gave me my mini-dachshund for my birthday one year. He had forgotten my birthday and only remembered because one of my friends called him at work and reminded him. His full name is: Baron des vergessenen Geburtstages which means: Baron of the forgotten birthday. We call him Baron.