Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Unnamed Little Girl

If I'm not careful she's going to have 100 names and none of them what we'll call her! (Right now Molly, Lily, Opal, Baily, and Cassy are on the short list...for today that is) Anyway, here are her 4 week old pictures.

If you want to compare little miss here to what Bu looked like at 4 weeks, you can follow this link: Bu Photos


brooke said...

omg! look at that face! so cute~

Mango said...

OK Bu, I am back and finally able to check out the photos of your new sissy. First of all, congratulations on becoming a big brother and great that it is a little girl pup and not an annoying brother like I got stuck with. But she will still be a PUPPY which means ANNOYING so you better practice your meditations.

As far as naming goes, let me just say this... my idiot brother was named Dexter before he came home, but I will tell you that momma and master call him PeeWee most of the time so you just never know how these things will work out.


Cindy said...

She's already bigger than my full grown wiener dogs at 5 weeks!