Saturday, July 21, 2007

Tall enough....

Tall enough that when Bu puts his feet on the counter (which YES he gets shoved down and told no whenever I catch him) that he now can reach whatever is on top of the microwave. I found this out today because I went up stairs to grab something and when I came back down, in Bu's mouth was the dark rye bread that was stashed on top of the microwave!!! The baby boy is growing rapidly. In the past 10 weeks, we've went through 99lbs of dog food. (3 33lbs bags! I just bought #4 and will have to open it in the next few days)

Puppy class is a riot. Our first class was on Tuesday...Mr. Bu thought it was his job to meet EVERY single person and dog in the room. This made me VERY tired in an hour. If you would have told me "Down" "stay" I'd have been glad to obey! We didn't need to worry about confidence....he wasn't afraid of ANY of the things out on the floor...nope, he just didn't understand why I was bothering him at all...there were people to see, dogs to play with...and why the heck does he need to be next to ME? No, I won't take it too personally, but come on... I'd like to rate somewhere in this dog's book!

House training is going really well...not that we don't have some accidents....but I think that is STARTING to really sink in.

What is NOT going well... Mr. Bugenhagen still insists on mouthing. I have more holey clothes than I'd prefer to talk about. My arms, legs, and now rump! (he can reach) have more bruises than I ever care to see. (Okay, it's not that bad, but it really really makes me mad) I am unable to give effective and meaningful corrections it seems. I'm back at a standstill on this one. I am not proud to say I've lost my temper MORE than once...but nothing seems to give me that remorseful "gee I know I did something wrong" look. I mean, if I could just get that...ya know... something so that I knew there was something going on in that cute little head... So, I'm calling the trainers I know again and seeing what more I can do.

I'll post some pictures as soon as I can.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Weighing in at 55lbs

As of last Wednesday, Bugenhagen the Great Dane is now 55lbs. We are about 1/3rd of what will be the ending weight! Today was a lazy day. We are doing very well now at ringing the bell when he wants to go outside. Today was the first day that I saw him go into the den (which is where he is bad about going potty indoors) and before I could say or do anything he went to the door and rang the bell. Ahhh watching that little mind work!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday the 13th...

Bu looking sweet...and a close up of my lip.

So, my sweet little boy and I went for a walk this morning. We were called over to say hi to some neighbors and went inside to visit. All was well, but Bu was a bit restless. When I went to sit on the floor to keep him from being a brat, he turned and went to mouth me...but my upper lip met his canine tooth with a good scratch. OUCH! Walked him home and put him in his crate...drove the 1/2 a block to the hospital (because at that point, I couldn't tell how deep it was) and was looked at! They put steri-strips on and sent me home. The steri-strips wouldn't stay and the owie kept bleeding a after talking to my mom, I found that, yes, indeed, super glue *is* the same thing as dermabond so I glued me back together! The glue didn't last for too long though as it flaked off. So, I will go to church this weekend with a nice red cut on my lip! Thank heavens I don't have any weddings anytime soon. It really was a Friday the 13th at my house!

Anyone want to dogsit for a few days so I can go on a vacation? *grin*

Saturday, July 7, 2007

refuses to walk

Okay, my cute little puppy has developed a HORRIBLE habit while walking. I thought that we'd take a "long" walk and return the DVDs up town. Bu was for it. We walked there, and about 1/3rd of the way home -- there he proceeded to lay down in the shade of a tree. Now, I am used to this bad habit...he lays down and refuses to move. But, normally, after a minute or two of waiting he's ready to go. Today, not so much. No, today, I did all the things I normally do... let him rest for a minute...sat on the ground so that he'd move...prayed a lot...Nope. 30 minutes later, we FINALLY got up. This is crazy. When he doesn't want to move, he doesn't move. I can't imagine this when he weighs 150lbs. *sigh*

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

101 DAYS!!!

Let's Snuggle!

So, I finally had people over and I remembered to ask them to take a picture. Here it is... Bu and I in his crate!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007


And -- it has taken me too long to write this -- THANK YOU to everyone who checked in on Bugenhagen from his day of fame! What a great day! We had so many visitors to our site! Thanks for all the comments! We had a ball! *grin*

Tall Boy!

Bu is still growing, but it seems to have slowed down just a bit (of course, I see him daily, so perhaps he's still growing like crazy, but it isn't as big of a difference every morning as it was for awhile!) At his last vet visit on June 16, he was 36lbs... I'm sure that we are well beyond 40lbs now! (He's getting rather hard to pick up when he's being a brat!) Just a few more days and then we get to go to Puppy Kindergarten! I'm more excited than he'll ever realize! Hopefully soon, we will get to go to the doggy day care for a few hours too! I need a break and some time to work/shop in GF...and he needs some new playmates! I LOVE how he just throws himself into my lap when I'm sitting on the ground (that is until he starts trying to chew on me. Can I say GRRRRR again??) but I do kind of miss that cute little thing that could curl up in my arms on the couch!

Bu and the Big Bad Bird...

Sorry, I haven't been posting. Things have been crazy, and I have a dog who, when he is awake, is AWAKE! We've been enjoying this lovely weather and spending a lot of time outside. LONG LONG walks are the best things that we do together these days. Mr. Bugenhagen is just still so very mouthy to play fetch much. (I have the bruises to prove it!) Of course, when he doesn't want to go back to our yard, he just throws himself down on the ground and refuses to get up. GRRR!!! Once we do get back to the yard, being lazy around the yard was just grand. UNTIL...

The big bad bird came along! Bu stirred up quite a ruckus under the big lilac bushes in the corner of my yard. There was some kind of big black bad bird who was trying to protect it's young -- and Bu really ticked it off! The bird would squeak and squwak like crazy. Then, it started to dive bomb him! Now, Bu, is a rather peaceable dog (except to my body) and he pretty much ignores the birds or rabbits that come in the yard. He watches and is amuzed, but he doesn't chase after them. (Which, for me, is a great thing!) So, when, out of seemingly no where, there comes a bird dive bombing him...he just looks startled and confused. This, leaves me in stitches. For about a week, this bird was just furious at the dog -- and I tried to get a picture of a bombing...but it just never was captured on film. Finally, the baby bird that the momma must have been protecting was found under the bushes -- at first I thought dead...second notice it was still alive...third time I checked...dead. Sadly, it got tossed onto the other side of the fence. Now, I'm sad to say that the baby didn't live ...but grateful that Bu didn't try to touch/eat/roll on it...and grateful that the big bad bird that was bombing Bu is "bye-bye"

Here are a few pictures of Bu and the Bird ... my favorite is #2 (It looks like Bu is sticking his out his tongue in a raspberry!