Sunday, May 20, 2007

Even more photos...

The ever growing dog.

So, his front paws... are about 5.5 inches in circumfrence. And, you all can laugh that I'm taking pictures of a sleeping dog with a ruler... but I can't measure him when he's awake!!! He's now a whopping 20lbs -- and yes, you can still see and feel his ribs! He growns a lot in his sleep... and mix awful puppy breath with puppy farts every once and awhile and you have one smelly dog! His attention span is ever growing and toys are much more fun now. (Albeit, my shoes seem to have some mystical allure! Ah, dogs!)

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Close up at 54 days!

What a day! I was awakened by smelly puppy breath...a bit to early to my liking...but after feeding the dog we lolled around on the couch waking up together. Then it was off to text study this morning where Bu proceeded to sleep very soundly at my feet. Then we stopped by the library to say hi to Mary and got to meet a few little kids as well. Then, we at lunch on the grass at the church. Bu doesn't get people food too much but I wondered what he would do with pickle slices. (Tipper used to spit them out and roll on them!) Bu wasn't interested, but was thrilled when I finally put his lunch out to eat. Then after running a bit in the office we walked across the street to the Covenant church for a meeting. Bu proceeded to sleep ever so soundly on the floor at my feet for the next hour and half. When I picked him up to carry him outside (just in case waking him made him think to pee right away!) he just melted back asleep in my arms. He was not at all interested in being awake. Pastor Brian laughed and took a few photos at the ever so soundly sleeping pup. Outside we went to walk across the street again and back to our church. Then, we made a play date (errr...pastoral call!) on Dean and Mary and their Lucy. After some introductions and some getting used to each other... (and Lucy finally figuring out that Bu is just a puppy and she can run circles around him!) they had some fun playing! I needed a tired dog today! Home we went! And Bu was so tired, that he spent his first "LONG" time in his crate!!!! Gave me confidence that very soon, I will be able to leave him at home in his crate without it being a traumatic experience. Bu then had another babysitter come and stay with him for 2 hours while I went to our high school baccalaureate. I came home around 8:30pm and made dinner. We romped a bit...and a tired puppy proceeded to fall asleep on my lap...then on my whole body! Can I say this is fun even though I know that very soon he's going to be way to big to do that? We'll never be able to share the couch. I'm guessing that eventually I really will have to have 2 couches...his and mine! We played upstairs and took some fun photos (see this and the other post for the day!) It's now midnight and I need to sleep because I have a very pooped puppy asleep at my feet again! He's got a head start on me for tomorrow! Peace my friends!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The photogenic Bu!

" Ohhh, really, stop taking my picture!! :PPPP"

"Yummy it's a soft, squishy, fleecy thing to fit into my jaws of doom!"
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Monday, May 14, 2007

I Love Bu!

Oh, I have the best dog in the world! He's most certainly a puppy -- I have tooth marks and scratches to prove it -- and I'm going through the paper towels when we miss each other's signals for "getting busy"... but, I love him. He's calm and affectionate and doesn't mind a lot of people. Today we experienced a lawnmower (he was unphased!) and a rake (he REALLY wanted to help!) By far, his favorite thing to chew on, other than me, is plastic or wood. I think this is because he can actually sink his teeth into those two things. He was really great around Julie and Erich as well as the karate kids today. Ohh, and he climbed the stairs (and then while I was down stairs proceeded to poo on my pants. *sigh*) I still don't let him climb them normally...and he still doesn't try to go down any of them... What fun. He does try and jump up on the couch and on the bed... and this is a very funny sight. We took a nap today with him crashed out on my chest. Have I said "I'm in LOVE" enough? I think we will be getting into a routine in the next few days. Tomorrow we go to the Vet for the first time. More on that in 24 hours!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

A few more pictures for Today!

"Hmmm a sunflower from last years garden...must chrush all possible life out of it....must chew...must chew...must chew!"

"Attack of the killer puppy....beware of your hair!!!"

What a tired puppy longs for: A couch, a friend, and a blankie!"

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Seven Weeks Old Today!

Auntie Heather and Julia and Cody baby sat during church today! Then I came home and we romped and played and entertained! Heather, Julia, Cody, Mike, Gwenn, Laura, John, Mary, Dean, and Nan came to visit! And at our last potty trip, we met Gerald our neighbor outside too! What a ta-do!

Bu certainly is a cuddle-bug! (which makes me happier than anything!) Course, it's one thing to have a 16lb pup laying on your chest vs a 160lb dog! Bu also likes to chomp on carrots and the green bean wasn't too bad as well! He also really loves his kibble. I've never had a dog that eats quite like he does. Exhuberant is all I can say!

Well, we've also made progress on the potty training. Mostly by way of *ME* figuring out that he wants out. He can't go down the stairs to the door yet -- but I have found that he likes to go potty on the wool dining room rug! So, if he's anywhere near there I just make sure that we go out really soon. I put the bell at the stairs and I think we will pick that up very quickly. He's already nosed it a few times and I've rushed him outside (though I don't think he was ready to go potty! Just looking at what ever it was that I was trying to get him to do!) But, I'm pretty sure that in a few weeks, we'll have the potty thing down to a science -- door bell and all! Thanks to Tipper for this!

Everyone who has met him falls in love very fast. He is friendly, quiet, playful, and when he sleeps, he dreams. Which, while that is cute now, again I think...those legs running in his sleep when he's big is going to be rather crazy! Ahhh well.

I hope that Bu's littermates have owners who think that their dog is the best because I know MINE is!!!
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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Baby Bu is Home!!

And here are the photos from tonight... not so close up but, this is so you can see how big he really is. He's about 16lbs and 10 inches high. Ohhhh I think he may be gaining weight while I loose some trying to keep up with that little thing. He was so great in the car... he was so hyper in my bedroom!!!

What A Day!!!

I met up with Lori in the cities... I was picking up Bu, Booker (mantle pup) was being picked up by his family, and another mom was flying in to get her baby!

It was a whirlwind trip. I left Warren around 2pm on Friday and got home around 9pm on Saturday. I don't think I want to drive any further than to church and back for awhile!! Melinda, who is moving to Texas, met me for lunch and was there to see the big ta-do! So, the pictures are of Lori and the pups and of Melinda and baby Bu!!! He was a VERY good boy in the car, settled right down and slept. When we stopped, he went potty just like he should and was a happy puppy. Yeah!!! Can't believe he's finally here.

Friday, May 11, 2007

T minus 12 and counting...

Here I am at DollyDoll's house... and all I have to do is sleep...and wake up...and pick up my puppy. YEAH!!! I'll meet Lori tomorrow in the cities and finally kiss that very very cute face... Bu's not Lori... I'll just give her a hug! hehehe This is better than Christmas people!!! Whooohooo. Course, I then have to get back in the car and drive for 6 hours and write a sermon and then get up and preach. Oy Vey! I'll post pictures soon. Love ya all! Jen.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

The 6 week close up!

Bu will be moving to my house sometime the end of this week! CRAZY don't ya know it!!! He really is growing up. Lori said the puppies had their first bath today! I don't envy her! (Oh, who am I kidding, you all know I'd melt at giving a bunch of puppies a bath!) They like to run and play outside and eat and sleep! Yup, normal puppy stuff. More news and pictures are sure to follow soon!

growing up!

These show the change in Bu over 3 weeks. He's growing so much taller! The last photo is the latest of him at 6 weeks!