Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Our Friend Nan

Bu very much enjoyed the Oscar's the other night... Ohhh he could have cared less about the TV, but he really did love the extra attention from his friend Nan. And the extra food. And the extra love. And the extra person in the house. However, he wasn't too thrilled that there were two human beings on HIS dear couch! Rather fun to see Bu and Nan on the couch together. Just 9 months ago he was a lot smaller when they shared the couch! You can see that picture HERE!

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Me and the Bu-burrito!

Yes, it is true -- the Bu and I are getting ready to be moving. Off to Ohio to be closer to my mom and dad and to start a new call. While I am very excited to be starting a new call at a new is hard to start saying good-bye to all our friends here. But, we are staying cozy....and won't it be exciting to see new pictures of a new place? And ... Perhaps... just maybe, there will be a picture of Bu NOT on the couch!

Here is my boy wrapped up like a burrito. He had just come in from outside and was shivering every few seconds...So I wrapped him up and he just stayed that way for awhile. Even put a pillow under his head! What a crazy, lazy, lovely dog! Peace Ya'll!

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

My how you've grown...

See the difference that a few months will make?? Bu still likes to lay down next to his "mommy." Yes, that is the same blanket in the pictures.
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Picture problems

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