Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Photos!

This is Jack....he found my parents and is quite a fiesty little guy. He got braver and braver around Bu the whole week they were here. There wasn't a quiet moment in the house nearly all week.
Ahhhh, Bu and HIS SPOT on the couch. He wasn't so happy that he had to share, but he did. Though, there were times when he crawled on TOP of every human to claim some part of the couch as his too! Ahhh two of the boys being quiet and sleeping!
Want to know how many people and dogs you can get on a sofa? 2 humans, 2 dogs (one being a great dane) it is possible. Not all that comfortable mind you, but possible.
Here we were Christmas morning. Jack and Bu both got a brand new Red "loofa dog" from petsmart. And they were sized appropriately! Mom, Dad, and Jack just left this evening to try and get out of the storm on Friday. The house is oddly quiet...And Bugenhagen is asleep on the couch! Ohhh and guess what! We just got word that Bu's breeder had Christmas Puppies!!!! A large liter of cute little pink noses! *sigh* How sweet they are. Merry Christmas everyone!
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Anonymous said...

Okay - so there are more puppies - no Jen - one "puppy" is enuf!! the house (and couch) are not big enuf for two of them greats.. Lucy told me to tell you that!!!

Abbey said...

Hi, I just read all your posts, what a great adventure you've had...i loved the earlier ones as that is where my Chelsea is at now...Your Bu is a gorgeous pup...Love his markings...